Alamo Rent-a-Car identifies as a family-oriented brand, and while they tried to reflect that online, the one-off posts they'd been doing were getting lost in the travel brand mix. Using family-friendly humor and storytelling, our characters Leilani & Dash inspire travel while connecting with our target in a more memorable and engaging way.

We used Pinterest to house all things Leilani & Dash, since Alamo already had a presence there (and because I believe microsites should be used in extreme moderation). We complemented our videos with a series of location pins, making a nice little U.S. adventure. Leilani's tips about the destinations are mostly SEO, but we had more fun with Dash's contribution (I won't be offended if you skip to his part).

Post Copy:
Leilani Says: The Space Center is one of my favorite U.S. destinations. It’s a great place for kids to learn about science and history while still having fun. You can even meet a real astronaut every Friday. I love learning about the planets. Personally, I’m team Pluto.

Dash's Doggy Tip: They don’t let me into the Space Center. But there is a nice dog park in Nassau Bay. I saw an armadillo there once. Kind of a cross between a chihuahua and a cement truck.

Post Copy:
Leilani Says: Yellowstone is all about nature. There are tons of kid-friendly activities like camping and hiking, and don’t miss Old Faithful. But our favorite is rafting. Well, my favorite (Dash gets a little seasick). If your family likes the outdoors, this is the place to be.

Dash's Doggy Tip: Dogs are only allowed in the front country. That is fine by me—the backcountry has bears. And it is a known fact that bears will steal your peanut butter. Known fact.

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Art Director: Melissa Saylors